The A Perspective Podcast: Andrew Skipper talks to Lindeka Dzedze

In this week’s A Perspective, Andrew Skipper continues to discuss key topics with some of Africa's most influential leaders, both on and off the continent. In this episode, Andrew talks to the Executive Head of Non-Banking Financial Institutions and Global Markets at Standard Bank Group, Lindeka Dzedze. She is also the project lead for the Standard Bank Group and MiDA Advisors collaboration to connect US investors to impactful capital deployment opportunities on the African continent. In addition, she is the chairperson of the African Women Impact Fund Executive Committee, an initiative of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and its partners.

Join them as they discuss the importance of women’s initiatives and championing gender in the African context. They delve into the work of the African Women Impact Fund, its focus on female fund managers, and what exactly sets this particular impact fund apart from others. Lindeka also shares her thoughts on the importance of partnerships between the public and private sector and how COVID-19 has impacted the activities of such initiatives on the continent.

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