The A Perspective Podcast: Andrew Skipper talks to Adebola Williams

In our last episode for the year, Andrew talks to Nigerian media entrepreneur, journalist, political activist and motivational speaker, Adebola Williams. He is the Group CEO of Red for Africa, Africa's largest portfolio of youth-focused media brands which include Red Media Africa, Statecraft Inc, The Future Awards Africa and to name but a few.

Listen as they discuss Adebola’s involvement in African elections, the power of social media – both positive and negative – as well as and the importance of promoting the right messages to propel ‘Brand Africa’ forward. He also paints a picture of his role in inspiring youth advocacy as a GenU Global Champion and why mobilizing Africa's youth can help shape a more progressive future. He goes on to share his views about the opportunities presented by COVID-19 for the continent, and the message he believes can inspire younger audiences to create the “ new paradigm” demanded by the Africa Union.

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