Global Media and Communications Quarterly – Spring 2015

Is 2015 the year of the website-blocking injunction?
In this cross-border article, featuring our guest contributor, Carolyn Dalton, Executive Director at Policy Australia Pty Ltd, we look at national regimes for tackling online piracy in Europe, including the new reform in Spain, and recent important developments in the rest of the world, notably Australia and Russia.

Net Neutrality - A Global Debate
Mark Parsons, Michele Farquhar and Winston Maxwell compare open internet approaches in Asia, the US and Europe, pointing out some of the fundamental differences between the three regions.

Net Neutrality and implications for the connected-TV space
Our guest contributors from Analysys Mason look at open internet from the angle of television regulation, focusing on how open internet rules affect the connected TV ecosystem.

USA and Europe: Standard Essential Patents and Antitrust
In this cross-border article, Logan Breed, Angus Coulter and Sophie Bouckaert examine the antitrust aspects of standard essential patents.

Mexico's spectrum policy for 2015
Federico Hernandez Arroyo explains spectrum reform in Mexico, in particular Mexico's plans to release further 4G spectrum for existing and new mobile operators.

Full Foreign Ownership of E-commerce Businesses Permitted in the Shanghai FTZ: But is it a Breakthrough?
In this article we examine the impact of the relaxation of the rules on foreign ownership of e-commerce businesses in the Shanghai FTZ.

Commercial Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - A Brief "How-to" Guide
A comprehensive "how-to" guide on developing civil UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) projects, developed in the context of a UAS conference hosted by our Palo Alto office on 16 April 2015.

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