Global Media and Communications Quarterly – Autumn 2014

This issue of the GMC Quarterly looks at the potential impact of recent and upcoming changes in telecommunications and broadcasting laws in various jurisdictions.

Mexico: The challenges of the new telecommunications and broadcasting law
Federico Hernandez Arroyo, who leads our newly combined telecoms and media practice in Mexico City, explores the challenges and opportunities of the new telecommunications and broadcasting laws in Mexico, which came into force on 13 August this year.

USA: Rewriting the U.S. Communications Act for the 21st century
Trey Hanbury explains the possibility of a rewrite of the US Communications Act and the impact the proposed changes would have on the industry in the USA

Russia: Pay-TV businesses affected by changes in Russian advertising laws
Natalia Gulyeava and Julia Gurieva in our Moscow office provide an update on the prohibition on advertising on Pay-TV channels (including those that originate outside Russia) that will come into force in Russia at the beginning of next year.

Mexico adopts one of the strictest net neutrality frameworks in the world
The new telecommunications and broadcasting law in Mexico has introduced the concept of net neutrality, which was previously unregulated in Mexico. This article looks at the new rules, which appear to be among the strictest in the world and how they may inspire other countries considering net neutrality legislation.

New privacy principles for connected vehicles
Christopher Wolf, of our Washington office, describes Hogan Lovells' leading role in the efforts of the automotive industry to develop a set of self-regulatory privacy principles governing the use of data from "connected cars".

EU: The wider effect of the Google 'right to be forgotten' case
Eduardo Ustaran of our London office writes about the wider implications of the Google 'right to be forgotten' case.

South Africa: data protection legislation
Leishen Pillay from our new office in Johannesburg, talks about the introduction of data protection legislation in South Africa.

Technology neutrality in Internet, telecoms and data protection regulation
Winston Maxwell, together with Marc Bourreau, Professor of Economics at Telecom ParisTech explore the meaning of technological neutrality in different contexts and the implications, particularly for emerging markets and new technologies, in an article first published in French in ARCEP.

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