Hogan Lovells Celebrates the New Year with 31 Promotions to Partner and 38 Promotions to Counsel

Global law firm Hogan Lovells today announced that 31 of its people have been promoted to partner effective 1 January across a network of 44 offices in 22 countries spanning Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Speaking on the promotions, Hogan Lovells’ CEO Steve Immelt commented:

"We are seeing real momentum with these promotions – in terms of diversity of our practices, our offices, by gender, and by ethnicity. They represent the globally diverse nature of our business. With that in mind, I am particularly pleased that more than a third of our new partners and new counsel are women. I congratulate all those who were promoted and wish them every success as they continue their career with us.”

Each of Hogan Lovells' five practice groups is represented in the 2018 partner promotions:

  • Seven in Corporate (including in Corporate, Financial Institutions Group, Real Estate, and Tax)
  • Ten in Litigation & Arbitration (including in International Arbitration, Investigations, White Collar and Fraud, and Litigation)
  • Five in Government Regulatory (including in Environment and Natural Resources, Government Contracts and Public Procurement, Government Relations and Policy Advocacy, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology)
  • Five in Finance (including in Banking, business Restructuring and Insolvency, and Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects)
  • Four in Intellectual Property

The additions to the partnership are a reflection of Hogan Lovells' progress as one of the legal world’s only true global law practices. The new partners include:

  • 15 in Europe, spread across our London, Munich, Amsterdam, Madrid, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Hamburg offices
  • 13 in the United States & Latin America, spread across our Mexico City, Denver, Miami, New York, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. offices
  • Three in Asia, spread across our Shanghai, Beijing, and Tokyo offices.
  • Eleven women and twenty men.

In addition to the 31 new partners, 38 of our lawyers have been promoted to Counsel.

Our new Partners are:

  • Michael J. Bell – Government Regulatory (Government Relations and Policy Advocacy) Washington D. C.
  • Meryl Rosen Bernstein – IPMT, Northern Virginia
  • Jaime Bofill – LAE (Litigation) Madrid
  • Sean Conaty* – Finance (Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects) Tokyo
  • Matthew E. Eisler – Corporate (Corporate Transactional) Denver
  • Elizabeth B. Fawell – Government Regulatory (Food & Beverage) Washington D. C.
  • Matthew Felwick – LAE (Litigation) London
  • Gaston P. Fernandez – Finance (Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects) Miami
  • Alex Harrison – Finance (Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects) London
  • Jörg Herwig – Corporate (Corporate Transactional) Frankfurt
  • Alex Kay – Finance (Business Restructuring and Insolvency) London
  • Valerie Kenyon – LAE (Litigation) London
  • Jorge Valdés – LAE (International Arbitration) Mexico City
  • Inken Knief – LAE (International Arbitration) Munich
  • A. Elizabeth Korchin – LAE (Litigation) New York
  • Henrik Lehment – IPMT, Düsseldorf
  • Stephen A. Loney Jr. – LAE (Litigation) Philadelphia
  • Carla Luh – Finance (Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects) Hamburg
  • Désirée Maier – LAE (Investigations, White Collar and Fraud) Munich
  • David B. Massey – LAE (Litigation) Miami
  • Daniel S. Metroka – LAE (Investigations, White Collar and Fraud) Philadelphia
  • Jeremy Pickles – Corporate (Funds) London
  • Allison D. Pugsley – Government Regulatory (Government Contracts and Public Procurement) Washington D. C.
  • Bryan R. Ricapito – Corporate (Funds) Washington D.C.
  • Joanne Rotondi – Government Regulatory (Environment and Natural Resources) Washington D. C.
  • Benjamin Schröer – IPMT, Munich
  • Arne Thiermann – Corporate (Commercial) Hamburg
  • Florian Unseld – Corporate (Commercial) Munich
  • Hein van den Bos – Government Regulatory (Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology) Amsterdam
  • Helen Xia – IPMT, Beijing
  • Lu Zhou – Corporate (Corporate Transactional) Beijing

Our new Counsel are:

  • Tifarah Roberts Allen – Corporate (Corporate & Commercial) Washington D. C.
  • Michael A. Applebaum – Corporate (Tax) New York
  • Fiona Bantock – Corporate (Tax) London
  • James Black – Corporate (Corporate FIG/ Financial Institutions Group) London
  • Stella Bliss – Corporate (Real Estate) London
  • Joke Bodewits – Government Regulatory (Privacy & Cybersecurity) Amsterdam
  • Chava Brandriss– LAE (Litigation) Washington D. C.
  • Florian Brechon – Corporate (Corporate & Commercial) Paris
  • Yu-An Chang – IPMT, Shanghai
  • Charles Clayton-Payne- Finance (Banking) Singapore
  • Jennifer Dickey – LAE (Litigation) London
  • Brian D. Eyink – Government Regulatory (Food & Beverage) Washington D. C.
  • Mary Carmen Fuertes – LAE (Employment) Mexico City
  • Vidal Galindo – LAE (Employment) Madrid
  • Alexander Gasparyan – Finance (Banking) Moscow
  • Björn Handke– LAE (Litigation) Munich
  • Sabrina Handke – Corporate (Real Estate) Munich
  • Danielle C. Humphrey – Government Regulatory (Medical Devices and Technology) Washington D. C.
  • Thorsten Klinger – IPMT, Hamburg
  • Alexander Koch – Corporate (Corporate & Commercial) Luxembourg
  • Ingo Kühl – LAE (Litigation) Düsseldorf
  • Serena Lim – IPMT, Hong Kong
  • Roy Liu – Government Regulatory (International Trade and Investment) Washington D. C.
  • James Maltby – Finance (Business Restructuring and Insolvency) London
  • Marc A. Marinaccio – LAE (Litigation) Baltimore
  • Fabian Pfuhl – IPMT, Frankfurt
  • Vironika Pilyugina - IPMT, Moscow
  • Stefan Richter – LAE (Employment) Düsseldorf
  • Bartosz Romanowski – Corporate (Corporate & Commercial) Warsaw
  • Marcus Schönknecht – IPMT, Düsseldorf
  • Aimee Sharman – Finance (Banking) London
  • Jason D. Sternberg – LAE (Litigation) Miami   
  • Ben Sulaiman- Finance (Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects) London
  • Adriana V. Tibbitts – Corporate (Corporate & Commercial) Baltimore
  • Thomas M. Trucksess – LAE (Litigation) Northern Virginia
  • Stella Wong – IPMT, London
  • Kate Wilford – LAE (International Arbitration) London
  • Ernest Yakob – IPMT, New York

* Sean Conaty is not a member of Hogan Lovells International LLP, nor is he designated as a partner of Hogan Lovells International LLP or in an affiliated business.  Sean has been elected to become a partner but his formal designation as a partner will take place at a later date following the satisfaction of certain regulatory conditions.  Sean is admitted to practice in Australia and is not a solicitor of England and Wales.

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