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Landlords have freedom to decide how to apportion service charges between commercial tenants in McKinsey case

The High Court has ruled that a landlord has authority to decide the “due proportion” of the service charge that is payable by each of its tenants. Criterion Buildings Ltd v...


The ABC of ESG in Real Estate

What is ESG, and how does it apply to Real Estate assets?


Taxes for towers - righting the wrongs of the past?

Last week, Robert Jenrick, the housing minister, announced a new industry wide levy and tax to "contribute to righting the wrongs of the past". Rightly or wrongly, the development ...


Try, try (and try again)? – The meaning of contractual “endeavours” clauses

The tension over COVID-19 vaccine supplies has thrust the thorny issue of interpreting “endeavours” clauses back onto centre stage. But what are they, why are they used and what ...


Public land and the “Right to Regenerate”

In a bid to increase the amount of land available for development, the government has launched a consultation seeking views on the proposed relaunch of the existing "Right to...


The Supreme Court decides on COVID-19 business interruption coverage – What does this mean for real estate?

The Supreme Court has dismissed insurers’ appeals and substantially allowed the FCA’s appeal in the conclusion of the FCA test case litigation. The result means significantly...


Happy News Year for Leasehold Homeowners

In the first working week of the New Year, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced major reforms to the way that houses and flats are owned in England and Wales. The changes could affect ...


Powering our Net Zero Future – What does the Energy White Paper have in store?

The government published its Energy White Paper in December 2020, making a clear statement of its commitment to the 2050 Net Zero target and setting out a trajectory for meeting it.


Important changes to DAC6 regime in the UK

The UK has made important changes to its implementation of the EU Mandatory Tax Disclosure Rules known as DAC6. The changes, which significantly reduce the scope of the rules in the UK, are ...

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