Trademarks 2020: Brexit – what’s next?

We will be hosting the latest in our series of webinars, designed to help you navigate the ever-evolving trademark and copyright landscape. 

Global Trademark Seminar & Total Brand Care Online Platform Experience

Join us in Japan on October 11 in Osaka and October 16, 17 & 24 in Tokyo for a unique trademark seminar (Japanese language). The schedule includes both an in-depth trademark analysis...

Japan Global Trademark Seminar

Total Brand Care Series: Effective global management of legal issues impacting brand value

Brands lie at the very heart of a company's value, reputation and competitive advantage. Successful branding is so much more than just understanding trade mark law. Many commercial and...

Going Global 2017

We are hosting a cross-practice, multi-track seminar on November 16 (Tokyo) and November 13 (Osaka). Join us to find out about a new approach to brand management, the latest developments in ...

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