Building your Post-Alston playbook

The rules of the game changed, and our featured speakers unpacked what the student-athlete victory in NCAA v. Alston means for college sports.

COVID-19 testing for colleges and universities

As many colleges and universities prepare to reopen, one recurring question is whether and how to conduct COVID-19 testing on some or all of those returning to the campus community.

Reopening in the COVID-19 era: Liability and related legal considerations

As we approach the new academic year in the midst of the continuing coronavirus pandemic, colleges and universities are challenged to determine how they can reopen safely.

NACUA CLE Workshop

Don't miss the Hogan Lovells sessions:

2018 NACUA Annual Conference

Hogan Lovells is a proud Platinum Sponsor of the 2018 NACUA Annual Conference, one of the largest professional conferences dedicated to gathering and educating college and university...

NACUA March 2018 CLE Workshop: Higher Education Employment Law: Essential Updates, Emerging Issues, and New Challenges

Joel D. Buckman was the moderator for the "We Own It, Right? Challenges of Faculty Consulting and Entrepreneurial Activities" session at NACUA March 2018 CLE Workshop in Philadelphia,...

NACUA February 2018 CLE Workshop: Free Speech and Campus Unrest

Joel D. Buckman was a speaker at the "Tinkering with Tinker: Free Speech Jurisprudence Update" session at the NACUA February 2018 CLE Workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Avoiding Retaliatory Complaints

On March 30, Joel Buckman will co-lead a discussion group entitled "Avoiding Retaliatory Complaints" at NACUA's March CLE Workshop in Seattle, Washington.

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