The FAA and DOT Just Released the Small UAS Rule: Will Your Company be Ready?

Part 107 Webinar Announcement

Click here to listen to the webinar.

After years of waiting, the commercial drone industry in the U.S. is about to take a giant leap forward. The Department of Transportation in conjunction with the FAA has released its Final Rule for the Operation and Certification of Small UAS (Part 107).

Whether you are a UAS manufacturer, operator, or user, you are probably wondering what you and your company can do to take advantage of the new Small UAS Rule. We know you have questions, and we are here to answer them.

On Monday, June 27 we presented a free interactive webinar breaking down the new rule and discussing what it means for you and your business in the short term and in the long term.

Topics covered during this webinar included:

  • Differences between the Final Rule and what the FAA initially proposed in the NPRM;
  • Timeframe for implementation of the new rule;
  • Implications for Section 333 Exemption / COA Holders;
  • Operator certification/pilot certificate requirements;
  • Flights near and over people;
  • ATC approvals to operate in certain classes of airspace;
  • Visual line-of-sight requirements;
  • Vehicle design and airworthiness certification;
  • Part 107 exemption process; and
  • Upcoming FAA rulemaking and next steps moving forward.

Click here to listen to the webinar.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Claudio.

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