Hogan Lovells Outbound Initiative Series: Barriers for Chinese Investment in the US and EU

The rapid growth of China's exports of goods and services and investment into the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) brings about both opportunities and risks. The US and EU each have unique legal systems and business environments that may affect Chinese enterprises that are exporting, and more importantly, investing and doing business in the US and EU.

In this event in Hogan Lovells' Outbound Initiatives Series, we have invited the Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and representatives from leading Chinese companies to join Hogan Lovells' partners from Washington DC and Brussels to discuss the issues, challenges and suggestions for exporting, doing business or investing in the US and EU. The specific topics include analyses of the challenging national security review for Chinese investments in strategic sectors in the US (in particular the so-called CFIUS regime), merger filing analyses and procedures in the US, EU and on a global basis, and certain practices that may - if not handled properly - be perceived as regulatory barriers such as aggressive cartel, in particular against Asian businesses.

The event will include a frank discussion, and be a closed door and off-record.

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