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Corporate and Shareholder Litigation in the U.S.

When it comes to disputes with shareholders or M&A partners, your board members and your company need counsel early. The stakes can be too high to hesitate. The sooner we become involved,...

Representative experience

Defended a global accounting firm in a ’34 Act class action alleging failure to discover a client fraudulently concealed true financial condition.

Defended a biotech company in a ’33 Act class action alleging a subsidiary misled investors by failing to disclose core products declining sales.

Defended the CEO of a major sporting goods manufacturer: ’34 Act class action alleged failure to disclose negative impact on revenue/profit margins.

Defended an infrastructure engineering and construction company: ’34 Act class action alleged false fiscal performance and estimate fee claims.

Defended a commercial-stage pharmaceutical company: ’34 Act class action alleged false claims on efficacy, results, and likely market for its drug.

Defended a pharmaceutical company and its officers: ’34 Act class action alleged false claims regarding product efficacy and clinical trial results.

Defended a manufacturing CEO in a US$20 billion securities fraud class action alleging misleading statements about its product demand and accounting.

Defended a clinical stage pharmaceutical company: ’34 Act class action alleged misrepresentation regarding FDA approval for a new drug application.

Defended a financial institution in a ’34 Act class action alleging the bank failed to accurately report its allowance for loan and lease losses.

Defended former officers of an energy company in a ’34 Act case alleging the executives concealed the company’s deteriorating financial condition.

Defended a communications company: shareholder derivative action asserting breach of fiduciary duty by introducing certain subscription TV offers.

Defended a bank: shareholder derivative action alleged breach of fiduciary duty to a subsidiary by stopping an IPO and accelerating loan repayment.

Defended a Cayman Island hedge fund in a shareholder derivative action alleging the management entity misled investors and wasted corporate assets.

Defended a Maryland-based mortgage REIT: multidistrict shareholder derivative suit challenged internalizing REIT’s past external manager and fees.

Defended a Delaware bio-tech corporation in multidistrict shareholder litigation challenging a proposed merger.

Defended a public aerospace and defense industry company dispute; joint-venture partner alleged breaches with aiding and abetting of fiduciary duty.

Defended a healthcare company in a post-acquisition dispute regarding a US$100 million post-closing price adjustment dispute.

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