Joint Ventures

A joint venture requires confidence.

In the business. The structure. Above all, in your partner and your relationship. How will we work together? How will we face challenges? What happens if we break up?

It takes a special team to guide a path through joint ventures. At Hogan Lovells we've got that team.

A team of great lawyers. On top of the details but not lost in them. Always founded in your commercial realities. Understanding what it takes for businesses to team up. Not just to sign a deal but to make it work — long term.

Devising the right structure — company or contract, licence or legal partnership. Shaping it around the rules — global tax and antitrust. The right people — those who make deals work; those with critical knowledge from IP to real estate. The key industries — what makes them tick; how regulation shapes them.

Creating the venture, running it, building it, and sharing in its success. From the simple to the complex. Toe-in-the-water to bet-the-company. Crossing borders, converging industries. Sorting out problems if things go wrong. Taking the next step when they go right.

It’s a team approach, hand in glove with your decision-makers. Practical, relevant, business savvy guidance tailored to your approach.

A joint venture looks beyond your usual horizons. At Hogan Lovells, we see the big picture with you.

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