Consumer Law

Consumers require a special focus. Protection from dangerous or defective products, business malpractice, confusing communications.

We understand the significance of these issues and can help you:

•    Make sure that your products and services are safe and compliant, without compromising their attractiveness, design, production, or presentation.

•    Ensure that your business deals with online and in-store consumers effectively and within the law.

•    Handle complaints, claims, or regulatory interventions if things go wrong.

At Hogan Lovells, we help you prevent problems — from designing business-wide compliance programs to supporting in-depth analysis of individual products.

We help you manage risk with appropriate consumer terms and customer journeys. And we help you deal with litigation and handle investigations if, despite your best efforts, problems arise.

Practical, pragmatic, and commercial advice. Global and multilingual. Litigation, regulation, and commercial law combined. A special consumer law solution.

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