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Blockchain Technology in Life Sciences Will Enable More Efficient and Accurate Health Care Delivery

Blockchain—the tamper-proof electronic ledger network technology—first made headlines with the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Independent of that boom-and-bust cycle,...


To tariff or not to tariff: China’s alleged intellectual property theft from the United States

As of this writing, the United States recently halted trade negotiations with China particularly as related to trade tariffs for alleged “unfair trade practices” under Section...

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Hogan Lovells IP opens first Healthcare Blockchain Summit at Z-Park LimeGreen IP News

On September 22, Intellectual Property Partner Ted Mlynar gave the opening keynote speech at the inaugural Healthcare Blockchain Summit at Z-Park, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Media Mention

Blockchain and IP: Asset and Challenge Managing Intellectual Property

Partner Ted Mlynar was quoted in Managing Intellectual Property's article "Blockchain and IP: Asset and Challenge."

Hogan Lovells Engage

Blockchain smart contracts need a new kind of due diligence Hogan Lovells Engage

Many issues can arise when recording smart contracts in an immutable system, meaning that enhanced due diligence may be necessary before any transactions are written in "blockchain stone".


Hogan Lovells Partner Gives Law360 a Blockchain 101 for IP Attorneys
Registered Content

New York IP partner, Ted Mlynar was interviewed by Law360 for its recentarticle “What IP Attys Need to Know About Blockchain“. Ted comments on the application of...

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