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Foreign investment in Australia’s energy and resources sector

Australia welcomes foreign investment and with its abundant and diverse mineral and energy resources, and world class supporting industries, Australia is uniquely placed for investment. The ...

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Communities to benefit from mining through “social licences to mine” Mining Review Africa

The mining sector cannot be looked at in isolation – it is the "engine room" of every economy in a country with substantial mineral resources.The mining sector in these countries is ...

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UN Sustainable Development Goals and shared value partnerships: Driving business opportunities in the energy sector

With a continuing rise in the world's population and the growth of urbanization, global energy need is set to expand by 30 percentbetween today and 2040 – the equivalent of...

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Green finance: Drivers, challenges, and developments

What is green finance?Achieving sustainable development is going to require huge financial investment.According to the European Commission, Europe alone has to close a yearly...

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Successor liability: Stamping out corruption is good for business

The responsibility to "clean up" corrupt business practices in the developing world has more often than not fallen to foreign-based investors as opposed to the authorities in those...

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Managing human rights risk

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