Five things retailers should consider in the COVID-19 era

As the world learns how to navigate the new normal, businesses have become accustomed to dealing with what used to be considered exceptional – managing mass shut-downs, disrupted supply chains, the collapse of demand, and the navigation of government programs. It is a sobering thought that this may be something that will continue to be, if not the norm, then a norm for the next couple of years. But, as lockdowns lift and social distancing measures are eased, the business and policy environment will start to shift.

Governments around the world now face the question of how they revive their economies from their current suppressed state while protecting their populations, in particular the vulnerable, from the risk of infection. How will businesses manage this changing environment when different nations and regions will ease restrictions at different paces? This alert looks at those questions and considers what retailers should look for as the world changes, including:

• Addressing workforce concerns

• Rent and other real estate matters

• Price gouging instances

• Change control during COVID-19

• Financial distress – restructuring and bankruptcy

• Retailers reopening – what's next?

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