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Takeover Panel response statement (2020/1): conditions to offers and the offer timetable

The Takeover Panel has just published its response statement (2020/1) making important changes to the Takeover Code regarding offer conditionality and timetable. They take effect on 5 July...


FCA reviews disclosures of net changes to share capital

The FCA has recently completed a review of the way in which UK issuers disclose changes to their total voting rights to the market and the resulting effect on major shareholding...


“Disguised Distributions” - lawful or unlawful, that is the question

Intra-group transactions are the subject of close scrutiny, particularly where the financial condition of the group is in question. Directors must carefully consider whether each proposed...


FCA Policy Statement: improving climate related disclosures by UK listed companies

The FCA has published new listing rules and guidance which requires commercial companies with a UK premium listing to include a compliance statement in their annual financial report,...


HM Treasury UK listings review – call for evidence

HM Treasury has launched a review of the UK listings regime on the basis that: The UK listing regime is “ready for review”, in particular in order to reform the regime...


FCA focus on misleading disclosure

Two recent Financial Conduct Authority enforcement notices1 focus on when and how disclosures by a listed company may be considered misleading - a basic disclosure requirement that is...


FRC – New guidance on AGM best practice

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC), the body responsible for the UK Corporate Governance Code, has published guidance on best practice for holding AGMs, taking into account the impact of ...


Shareholder Rights Directive II: New rights for shareholders regarding confirmation of their votes
Registered Content

New regulations implementing certain requirements of the Shareholders Rights Directive II in the UK will require certain publicly traded companies to provide shareholders with confirmations ...


Will UK issuers benefit from the EU's introduction of lighter prospectus disclosure requirements?

On 20 July 2020, the European Commission (Commission) adopted a capital markets recovery package as part of its overall COVID-19 recovery strategy. As part of the package, the...

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