Better safe than sorry: antitrust compliance in an era of aggressive enforcement

The consequences of antitrust violations can be severe for corporations and for individuals. Those who are targeted by government enforcers or antitrust plaintiffs face enormous costs in time and money, fines or treble damages, and potentially jail time. The U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division and the Federal Trade Commission aggressively pursue civil antitrust investigations, the total amount of criminal fines in the U.S. continues to increase every year, and both civil and criminal investigations regularly spur private lawsuits that can result in enormous settlements or verdicts. In the current landscape, few can deny that antitrust compliance is a critical issue for virtually every company.

An antitrust compliance program can help a company reduce its antitrust risk by preventing violations and, if a violation does occur, quickly identifying it and taking appropriate steps to respond. But crafting an effective compliance program can be challenging. Effective antitrust compliance requires management “buy-in” and substantial resources, at a time when organizations face numerous compliance concerns and have little resources to spare. Although they regularly emphasize the importance of antitrust compliance, U.S. antitrust enforcers have provided little in the way of practical guidance for companies seeking to design and maintain compliance programs.

Hogan Lovells lawyers will address the importance of antitrust compliance and assist practitioners in thinking through the best ways to tailor an effective compliance program to different organizations facing different issues.

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