AdTech and Privacy: Managing Risk in a Complex and Evolving Digital Economy

Thank you for joining Hogan Lovells and Ankura to learn about the impact of the GDPR and CCPA on cookies and similar AdTech tracking technologies. James Denvil from Hogan Lovells was joined by Heather Dunning and Darin Bielby from Ankura and shared best practices and their perspectives.

Program topics included:

  • Cookies and Similar Tracking Technologies Defined
    • How cookies and similar tracking technologies support and enhance digital services, including advertising
    • Types of cookies (are your cookies strictly necessary or for marketing purposes?)
    • Ways in which consumers’ digital activities are shared throughout the digital advertising ecosystem
  • Tracking Technology Legal and Regulatory Challenges
    • How cookies have evolved from being “totally anonymized” trackers to “profiling tools” in the eyes of regulators and others
    • Key legal and regulatory challenges to deploying cookies and similar technologies for digital advertising
    • Industry and “homegrown” solutions to address the regulatory challenges
  • AdTech Data Privacy Best Practices in a GDPR and CCPA World
    • Best practices for cookie risk governance
  • The Future of Cookies
    • Potential changes in the digital advertising ecosystem with the supposed death of third party cookies

Watch here.

Click here to download the slides.

For more information, please contact Melissa Chance or Isaiah Burns.

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